I have spent years building products only to find out nobody wanted it except me. I have also had successful products from side projects built in couple of hours.

In order to change this, I launched needgap two years ago. It has helped me and several others validate problems, startup ideas and create products which people want.

Now I want a way to validate my Minimum Viable Products(MVPs), To know whether it really solves my customer's problems? What better way to validate a product than to know whether my customer will pay for that?

I will pay for that will be an ultra-minimalist platform for digital subscription payments built for indie hackers, makers and artists.

I will be using I will pay for that on my projects to meta validate this project. Would you use I will pay for that for your projects? If so, please sign-up with your email and I will let you know when it is available for you.

More information about the platform will be updated at Put Money where your mouth is.

I'm building this in public!