Submission Guidelines for I will pay for that

posted by Abishek_Muthian , 63 days ago

Please read and follow the submission guidelines to sustain the quality of the I will pay for that platform and for the well being of the community.


English is the only supported language of the I will pay for that platform currently. All submissions are required to be in English.

Submitting Project Title

Do post your project, What your does succinctly for title.

Post hashtags along with the project title, representing the project domain and the target country if its applicable only to a specific country (or) #worldwide.

Please be aware of the character limitations in the problem title.

Submitting Project Description

Do explain the project succinctly in the description section. It is encouraged to explain why you are building the project and its future plans if people pay for that.

Use the link feature to link your project.

Please be aware of the character limitations in the problem description.

Sharing Project

Do share your project from I will pay for that once submitted or other projects you find interesting to those who might need it.

Submitting Comments

Do comment comment why you paid for a project.

Do discuss about the future plans for the project.

When commenting, please try to imagine you are in a face to face conversation with the person you are talking to or about - respect their point of view, even if you vehemently disagree with it. Comments violating the rules will be flagged or as a last resort removed. Comments under your name will never be edited by admins, but they may be removed for spam or trolling.

Some guidelines on comments:

  • First, do no harm - always be thoughtful, constructive and respectful.
  • Do post questions, even if you feel they might be dumb ones.
  • Do respond positively to questions, even if you feel they are dumb.
  • Do be charitable - assume best intentions, and try to understand those you disagree with.
  • Do stay on topic.
  • Do try to contribute something substantial - one-word comments are rarely interesting.
  • Don't use 'You' in the comments unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don't be snarky or nasty to others.
  • Don't use name-calling, this is the lowest form of argument.
  • Don't make personal comments about others, their motivations, or their integrity. If you disagree do so calmly and politely and directly to them.
  • Don't complain about moderation. Reach out to the moderators via the contact below for grievances.
  • Don't spam or post duplicates deliberately
  • Don't call for mob justice, boycotts or post personal data.

When offering criticism, make sure you fully back it up and try to see the reasons why certain decisions you disagree with were made.


You can tag other users using (@Username) e.g. @Abishek and tag projects using (/projects/[project number]) e.g. /projects/6 .

Meta comments

If you have comments on how the platform works or suggestions for features, you can post them on I will pay for that Meta Discussion or email the moderators using the details below.



When a problem is subscribed, new comments are sent to your email. Ensure that you have your email updated on your profile.
Paid subscription offers more insights on the platform and through email.

Refund Policy

Since the insights are delivered immediately after payment, refund of payment wouldn't be possible. But you can always choose to cancel the subscription through your profile anytime you wish.


Please contact [email protected] this domain if you just want to say hello, or to report spam or posts violating the above rules.

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