Reading Hacker News on Kindle

posted by Abishek_Muthian , 9 days ago

I built HN to Kindle for a better way to take notes and assimilate knowledge from Hacker News comments. It does so by sending topmost story from Hacker News along with its comments to Kindle.

The built-in note taking, highlighting, search and library features of Kindle helps in finding that one HN comment which we thought would come handy someday when we need it. Besides, the e-paper goodness is a cherry on the top.

Signing-up for service takes less than a minute, In fact there is no sign-up as all you have to do is enter your Kindle email address and copy the HN to Kindle email address to your  'Approved Personal Document E-mail List'.

Did I say it works on all Kindle devices and on Kindle apps? I appreciate your feedback.

If you find HN to Kindle useful and want it to be developed further with more features, Consider paying for it.
Pay for that: 5 USD/MO
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